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Linnéa Lagerdahl.jpg

Linnéa L.

Director, Production Engineering

Täby, Sweden

One reason I love my job is it's never boring. We move fast and for me it’s so satisfying to fight, learn, and win together! Plus, everyone is very open minded and straight forward; we are all in the same team and operate as one. Because Teledyne FLIR operates across the globe, we have to make sure dialogue works efficiently through different time zones and different cultures. This helps build a feeling of trust that makes it possible for everyone to participate in decisions and continuously improve. We work hard to reach stretch targets, ensuring we remain in a market-leading position even when the world around us offers both difficult challenges and thrilling opportunities.

Taizo Kagawa2021.jpg

Taizo K.

Country Manager, Sales

Tokyo, Japan

For me, the best part of my job is introducing cutting-edge technologies to the market and then seeing those technologies support our customers. I even enjoy seeing FLIR thermal cameras in action at the stadium where I take my family to watch baseball.

The culture here at Teledyne FLIR is welcoming to new challenges and new ideas, which is perfectly suited to self-motivated people who like innovation and challenges. I like to think my team works as “One Team,” supporting each other across different functions and countries to achieve the same goal.

FLIR Employee - Jeremy W

Jeremy W.

Director of Science & Technology

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Teledyne FLIR's Detection business works in Chemical Agent Detection using enzymes. So, when my company was acquired by FLIR, I had the chance to apply my personal skills in novel and innovative ways, which really appealed to me.

Now as a director of science and technology for Detection, I'm responsible for innovation in sensors, biotechnology platforms, and novel materials. It's so rewarding to take a product from invention to commercial sale, and this really is a unique opportunity to do cutting edge work and make a genuine impact.

FLIR has matched and exceeded my expectations and I am proud to say that my team works very hard and is deeply engaged with our projects.



Chuck C.

Senior Program Manager

Evansville, Indiana, USA

I chose to pursue a career with Teledyne FLIR because the technology is so impressive and the people so inspirational. Originally a helicopter electrician and former member of the armed forces, my skills transferred seamlessly to my first Teledyne FLIR role in field services. While every day is different, it's rewarding to interact with customers and ensure their needs are met. I build relationships with clients at every level, so I know I'm making a difference to the company's performance.

From my first day, I enjoyed the support and encouragement of my colleagues and managers. This is a genuinely dynamic and collaborative workplace which makes me feel proud, engaged and challenged. If you're flexible, and prepared to act at a moment's notice, you can be confident you'll succeed at FLIR.

Federico De Lucia.JPGFederico L.

Team Lead, Condition Monitoring Specialists

Milan, Italy

Teledyne FLIR put me in a position to make decisions with great autonomy very quickly after being hired, which was a fast and effective learning experience. Whenever I expressed the need or the willingness to improve my skills through training or a stretch assignment, the company has always been supportive and encouraged me to pursue those activities. Working in an inclusive environment with cross cultural and cross functional collaboration has also been a major plus. You learn a lot not only as a professional but as person.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you love technology, Teledyne FLIR is the place to be. There are so many possibilities you can explore and opportunities you can create for your team and your career within the company.


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Konnie C.

Product Launch Manager

Nashua, New Hampshire, USA

When I take a step back and just think of what Teledyne FLIR provides to our country and our world, it is pretty mind blowing. It’s an amazing feeling working for a company that develops products to help save lives, prevent disasters, provide safety precautions, keep our world “functioning”, allow humans to have superpower vision…. the list goes on! And who could forget the footage captured in Mars? It's extraordinary to be part of a company that made it all possible.

I absolutely love innovation and Teledyne FLIR fuels that excitement! A favorite part of my job is being one of the first people to see the amazing new products in development and managing the launch of these products. The team I work with is full of marketing CHAMPIONS who put 200% effort into making miracles happen during the last stretch to launch new products successfully.

Heliel M.

Director, Product Management

Miami, Florida, USA

It’s amazing to see the creativity and ways in which our company makes an impact in the world. In my current role I get to interact with a vast number of third-party developers and integrators that take Teledyne FLIR technology to new heights. During my 15 years at Teledyne FLIR, I have had the opportunity to switch roles multiple times, allowing me to gain new skills and advance my professional career. I’m most proud of our heritage, our technology and our dedicated employees throughout the world.

Nora L.

Regional Marketing Director

Hong Kong, China

The culture, the people, and the working environment attract me the most to Teledyne FLIR. I feel a great sense of teamwork and collaboration; we all strive to work for a common goal and vision.

I’m lucky to get the support from my supervisor to enhance my marketing knowledge, including completing a MIT Digital Marketing Executive Program and several marketing analytics courses.

Here we do not have hierarchy; leaders are all transformational, led by example, and inspire the team. People are the assets at Teledyne FLIR. I’m very proud and happy to have a chance to work with a lot of knowledgeable, inspiring, and passionate leaders and teammates.

Chris B.

Global VP of Strategic BD and Marketing

Pasadena, California, USA

Throughout my career, Teledyne FLIR has supported my professional development, providing opportunities to expand into new roles and develop new skillsets.

I began my career in Field Sales, where after a few years of success I was promoted to Director of Sales. Along the way, I was given stretch assignments that gave me exposure into Marketing, Product Management, and Supply Chain. It also allowed me to work with other countries and cultures globally, which prepared me for my current role. When pursuing my MBA, Teledyne FLIR both helped offset portions of my tuition costs and helped balance my workload.

After 17 years with the company, I still love working with our highly motivated teams and cool technology to help our customers solve some of their most challenging applications. Whether it’s improving productivity and quality, improving safety, or literally saving lives, our Teledyne FLIR team has a measurable impact on the lives of our customers and our partners.

Sarah W.

Regional Marketing Director

Kent, UK

A great thing about Teledyne FLIR is the opportunity to learn and grow. It’s a fast-paced and exciting environment that celebrates different opinions, cultures, and people with different backgrounds and experiences. It’s a place where curiosity is encouraged and learning is prioritized. I love the variety, and that I get to work with so many different teams and talented people. It’s a cliché, but no one day is the same, which keeps things fresh and interesting. The company offers constant learning opportunities and is open and supportive of career advancement within the company. I wouldn’t have progressed in my career at the pace that I have without the great support that I receive from my peers and my managers.

In my time with the company, I’ve had the chance to attend external trainings and further my education in marketing strategy. The support doesn’t stop at training or courses. We have a really strong leadership team who is willing and prepared to help in your on-the-job learning, and they offer different types of training (like the FLIR University courses) to aid in your career progression.  


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Victoria L.

Product Manager

Täby, Sweden

When I started at Teledyne FLIR, I had just graduated with my master’s degree in design and engineering, and my goal was to become a product manager. Teledyne FLIR has supported me in every step of the journey by giving me suitable challenges, allowing me to transition between roles that gradually grew my responsibility while also giving me great freedom to explore paths that have been of interest to me. The first four years at Teledyne FLIR has passed so quickly, and I am now product manager for several products that are key to our business.  I love to be out in the field with users to understand their needs, see our products in action, and explore ideas for how we can improve our solutions. I also enjoy working closely with the development teams in R&D and seeing ideas progressing into real products.

Joaquin R.

Director of Engineering and Site Manager

Madrid, Spain

I was offered the opportunity to work at Teledyne FLIR more than 11 years ago, and I didn’t hesitate. When I go anywhere and see cameras or software that my team have taken part to develop, or when I see our products in movies or documentaries, I feel proud to think that I contributed to make them possible —  to see the transcendence of my job, and that it contributes to improve people’s lives, and saving lives and livelihoods.

Saga F.

Project Manager

Täby, Sweden

At Teledyne FLIR, you get to work with innovative technology and global leading products. It means that you will spend your weekdays in an environment characterized by creativity, high pace, and constant collaboration. It is a culture that encourages you to be driven, curious, and ambitious. What I find most inspiring is that I get to work cross-functionally with people who are the best in their field. On my team I am surrounded by humble experts. It is unique to work in such a professional atmosphere, yet mistakes are never frowned upon, and questions always welcome. For me, this is a great environment to grow and continuously learn new things.

KathKathryn Perry.jpgryn P.

Team Leader, Sales

Nashua, New Hampshire, USA

I stepped away from the work force several years ago to raise my children. When I was looking for a full-time professional role again, it was not easy finding the right fit at first. Teledyne FLIR checked all the boxes for me. This company encourages growth and invests in its employees. My managers have always been supportive whenever I have expressed the desire to take on new, challenging projects or attend classes to further develop my professional skill set. 

When people ask me what company I work for I proudly tell them Teledyne FLIR. I love that we offer so many products that keep people safe – from our thermal cameras for firefighters, to our thermal security line, and our premium handheld cameras that provided elevated skin temperature screening to businesses during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.  It is a wonderful feeling to know you work for a company that is making a difference in the world.

Matt H.

Product Manager

Niceville, Florida, USA

As a Product Manager, I have had the opportunity to interact with incredible people from around the world. I love helping customers solve unique problems with our groundbreaking infrared solutions. The chance to delight a customer and help them be successful drives me and our team everyday.

Teledyne FLIR has given me the trust, tools, and freedom to lead. The performance culture has given me the latitude to make decisions that move our business forward and create groundbreaking solutions for our customers. At Teledyne FLIR I have had numerous opportunities to grow technically, in the discipline of global business, and as a leader. The company is currently supporting me to pursue my Masters of International Business from the University of Florida. This degree will give me even more tools and training to continue serving our growing global customer base.

Teledyne FLIR is a large company with diverse positions, and there are continuous opportunities to move horizontally or vertically across the organization. Hard work and results are rewarded. High-performing leaders are given autonomy, trusted to innovate, and then expected to drive growth.


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Dylan Rodriguez - head shot 2022 v2.jpgDylan R.

Manager, Cooled Detector Fabrication

Goleta, California, USA

My opportunity and career growth at Teledyne FLIR has been as dynamic and rewarding as the day-to-day job itself. This collaborative, problem-solving environment allows me to have my hands on many different pieces of the puzzle, providing me a continuous stream of new skills and knowledge in both in Engineering and Operations. During my nine years with the company, I’ve had the opportunity to work in Systems Engineering, collaborate with teams around the globe, return to school to get my Masters’ degree in Business Excellence—which was offset by the company—and I now manage our Cooled FPA Operations team.

Today, I consider myself a bridge between the Research and Development and Operations side of the business. It is exciting to further perpetuate this inclusive and innovative culture through activities like the mentorship program, a flexible work environment, and demo day that allows our teams to showcase the ever-improving capabilities of our products and technology.

Sam Chapple Image.jpgSam C.

Business Excellence Manager

Goleta, California, USA

At Teledyne FLIR, I’ve had the opportunity to work on dozens of great products and with hundreds of fantastic people! In this fast-paced organization, there is no shortage of opportunities to keep the mind sharp, and the hands busy. We are always pushing the boundaries of design and manufacturing, and we hold innovation at our core. As an engineer by training and a problem-solver by nature, this environment is constantly exciting and engaging.

Beyond the interesting work and awesome products, our people are what make this company fun. Our ranks are full of smart, creative, and friendly team players. We work together, shoulder to shoulder, to get things done without titles, seniority, or hierarchy getting in the way.

This all might sound like a commercial, but it’s true! For these reasons and more, many of us have been with Teledyne FLIR for 10, 15, and even 20+ years. People who work here, love it here, and tend to build long and meaningful careers.

Gerbracht-53 - Lisa headshot.jpgLisa G.

Director, OEM Sales

Walnut Creek, California, USA

I am proud to be part of the best team at Teledyne FLIR. In OEM Sales we have the responsibility for driving the front end of the business. We diligently uncover and understand customer needs, then help to solve their problems by providing world-class thermal OEM products. We also have a lot of fun every day! 

Since I started at the company 14 years ago, I have grown in my career from Sales Engineer to Director of OEM Sales. I would not have been able to do this without the support of the organization and some amazing colleagues. Through mentorship and our Women in Technology group, I try to lift up others and support them in their journey.

Employee Testimonial Photo.jpgClay B.

Operations Project Manager

Goleta, California, USA

I am proud to be part of a company that invests in its employee’s career growth. The opportunity to transition from a Manufacturing Engineer to my current role as the first Operation Project Manager in my division highlights Teledyne FLIR’s investment in their employees, as it gave me the opportunity to help define a new role and take on stretch assignments that push me to grow as a person and leader.

What I enjoy most about my job is getting to work with highly skilled and driven cross-functional teams to manufacture leading edge IR products for our customers. For me, it's the people I work with at Teledyne FLIR that makes our company stand out compared to other places I've worked. Everyone—no matter their position in the organization—is approachable and is always willing to answer your questions.

Oscar A.Oscar-Angel-head-shot.png

Product Manager

Goleta, California, USA

Teams at Teledyne FLIR include members unified by a common vision, diverse ideas, inclusion, and a passion to win. They are empowered to act and lead by thoughtful and engaged leadership. As a Product Manager, I am thrilled to be at the intersection of nearly every functional area and fortunate to witness these winning traits in our diverse teams. Also, being part of a team that researches, develops, and deploys world-leading infrared technology that ultimately affects lives for the better excites me every day.